For transportation, we manufacture made-to-measure pallets:


Purpose-built items

For custom-made products and very large sizes we manufacture horses made of steel that guarantee a safe transport.

Permissible dimensions and weight for trucks

dimension weight
truck length width 2-
than 4
more than 4
Single Vehicle 12m 2,55m 18t 25t   32t  
Trailer 12m 2,55m 18t 24t      
Vehicle Combination 16,5m 2,55m     28t 36-38t 40t
Truck with Trailer 18,75m 2,55m     28t 36t 40t


  • Disptribution

    The goods are shipped worldwide with external forwarders. Forwarding prices are day rates and are requested from us order related in the case of exports. Likewise, we take care of an optimized custom clearance.

  • Angular Rack

    In certain cases angular racks are needed for tranport, because the allowable dimensions for trucks could not comprise certain sheets otherwise. The maximum permissible height of 2.45m is not exceeded. Width of the rack is 2,35m. (Maximum permissible width of a truck = 2,55m)

  • Palette

    For optimal protection of the sheet(s) during transport, we provide for conveyance made-to-measure pallets. The customer will not be charged for the return of the pallet, because it can be exploited at the customer's wishes.

  • Crane

    Packages weighing more than 2t are loaded from us with a crane. For this, the truck must be able to open its roof. For unloading, we recommend as well a crane.

  • DPP

    We take care of the complete transportation. From the right selection of the forwarding company, an optimized price to all the customs needed paper and document complexity.

  • EXW

    Feel free to let the goods get by a company commissioned by yourself. If you need help regarding customs clearances just talk to us.