Acrylic Blocks

Biacryl produces blocks monolithic, respectively in one cast, up to a format of 3100x8000x150mm. With lamination up to 300 mm.

Larger or thicker blocks are glued. Preferred is bonding in house to still transportable sizes.

Cuts are possible with extra charge.

Custom-made products are effected order related. Delivered is the entire production unit or a multiple thereof . Under deliveries are possible.

The mass production of oversize acrylic blocks by :::biacryl::: has been preceded by a multi-year development work, which was characterized by:

  The optimizing of the cell cast technology with high-quality oversize float glass sheets
  Achieve a very consistent polymer made of 100% methyl methacrylate
  The implementation of a high degree of flexibility in thicknesses and formats
  Minimizing of production energy input

Biacryl produces oversize acrylic blocks on an own facility. Besides the usual characteristics of cast acrylic such as high transparency and light transmission, no yellowing, thermoplastic, elastic material, good mechanical transformation and thermoforming, :::biacryl::: blocks are standing out by: :

  better material properties
  larger modulus of elasticity and yield point concerning long-term stress
  lower internal stress
  other sizes and thicknesses
  the largest produced widths in Europe (up to 3100 mm)
  monolithically cast thicknesses up to 100 mm
  order-related all between thicknesses from 40 mm possible
  smaller thickness tolerances
  better body structure
  very good planarity
  scratch free
  marketable delivery conditions
  good disposability

The light transmittance for all formats and thicknesses is > 92 % (measured according to DIN EN 410, considering 3cm thick specimens).

The values may vary depending on the instrument used.

The material conforms to ISO 7823-1 and is UV transparent.



for thickness for length and width regarding cuts for planarity
+/- 5mm +/- 20mm +/- 3mm </= 5mm


in length and width by heating to forming temperature
<= 2%