Environmental Responsibility

At the climate summit in Paris, governments have started a new global
cooperation against the climate change to save subsequent generations.

The Paris Agreement is a triumph for the humanity, the environment and the
multilateralism. It is a health insurance for the earth. For the first time any
country in the world has agreed to limit emissions, strengthen the resilience
and to combat climate change. And we do with, because the sustainability is
very important to us!

First of all, we have determined the as-is state for our company.

Therefore we have evaluated the use of energy per product group, as well as the form of energy and its production.

Among other things, we have detected the following energy requirement for Biacryl (including the attached Management):

related to the total production in 2014 related to standard blocks
1.35 KWH/kg 0.86 Kwh/kg.

PV solar park in CH - 2126 Les Verrieres

  • Roof System adjustement north/south

    8 degree roof pitch

    Panels thin layer CX1/CX3 from Calyxo,
    inversion 13 x Q3

    Power 167 Kwp

    Bringing into service 30.09.2012

  • PV solar park

    Adjustement 30 degree south / south-west

    Panel thin layer CDTe Calyxo CX 3, 80 Watt
    I inverter 21 x Refusol

    Power 408 KWp

    Bringing into service 30.12.2012

  • Free-standing PV power plant

    Creation of various PV systems in Germany and Switzerland as well as their operation.
    Roof, in-roof, free-standing
    Total operating performance about 1 MWp