PMMA Sheets out of 100% MMA .

::: biacryl ::: stands for monolithic cast acrylic sheets and acrylic blocs in oversizes (6-200 mm).

Highest Transparence

:: biacryl ::: is a brilliant plastic and more transparent than glass

UV Resistand

::: biacryl ::: material gets no visible yellowing and remains permanently transparent

Highest Mechanical Strength

Approved Lifetime

::: biacryl ::: »


About Biacryl

CMC biacryl SA is a specialized manufacturer of oversize acrylic sheets (6-300 mm).

Biacryl produces cast acrylic PMMA sheets from 100% MMA with cell cast technology.
Possible sizes are up to 3 x 8 m.

The PMMA sheets are manufactured on an own developped facility in the proprietary factory.

Biacryl produces as well oversize acrylic blocks 40mm up to 150mm monolithic (with lamination up to 300 mm) on an own facility.